Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mock Embryo Transfer

Finally, contact has been made with the fertility clinic and the first of the medical procedures have been scheduled. I'm excited and nervous. Because most of the procedures can only be done at certain times during my cycle, the first one won't be until next month. Russell and I will be driving to Maryland for the initial assessment, lessons on how to administer myself hormone shots and the "mock embryo transfer". Lots of interesting things going on that day. First of all, my nurse suggested that I have someone with me who would be assisting me with giving myself shots, like my husband. I laughed out loud at that one. It may surprise some of you who know my husband, but he is totally needle-phobic. Not the kind of needles that tattoos are administered with, as he has one whole sleeve, a chest piece, a back piece and random other ink artistry. But the kind that inject medicine into your body-forget it. Just as a joke I told him he would have to help give me shots in my booty and he turned a lovely shade of green. So I will be doing them myself, which is fine with me.
Second, the mock transfer is a fascinating procedure. Basically, they are going to use a catheter to "map" the layout of my uterus. That way, when it is time to actually transfer the precious embryo, they will know exactly where to go and where to place it. I will be able to watch the mapping on a monitor if I want. And I totally want to.  I won't go into all the details, but most women I have spoken with who have had the procedure say that it can be mildly uncomfortable, like cramps. Thankfully I'll have my hubby with me so he can drive home and take care of me :) I'm only slightly nervous about it.
In the meantime, I have to get my annual check-up, pap-smear and breast exam and send the results to the clinic. I also have to notify them when my next cycle starts so we can nail down the exact day I have to go in for the procedure. I will also be placed on birth control pills briefly so that we can more easily coordinate my cycle with the egg donor's cycle. After I'm back home, I'll have to go to a radiology clinic here periodically to have my hormone levels checked. Whew, this is the crazy coordination and planning phase that to me, is one of the hardest parts. But it means things are moving forward, and hopefully, if all goes well, I should be pregnant in March or April.


  1. Here you it! Congrats on this next stage!

  2. Wow, uterine mapping sounds fascinating. Too bad you probably can't capture some of the images to show. Good luck!