Sunday, June 10, 2012

Embryo transfer eve...

I am all aflutter with nerves and anticipation and excitement for the embryo transfer tomorrow.  Sometimes I felt like this moment would never get here! Now as I'm about to go through with it, it is a little surreal. But amazing. I'm feeling a little emotional as my babies are crawling all over me and giving me kisses and snuggles; because it makes me happy when they do that and also because I'm thinking of the mom and dad whose journey into parenthood could truly begin tomorrow. What a crazy thing to KNOW the exact moment that pregnancy begins! When Russell and I were trying to have our babies, we were super lucky and got pregnant the first month we started-both times. And we have a pretty good idea of when each of those pregnancies happened :) But to know that tomorrow at 9:15am two embryos will be implanted with very high hopes is a little trippy. I am feeling really confident and feel certain that my prayers will be answered, but there is a bit of pressure as well. This couple has had so much heartbreak, so many losses that I am really hoping that this works the first time. I'll post tomorrow about how it goes...


  1. Prayers, fingers and toes crossed, baby dancing, sending out good vibes! So excited for all of you!!!

  2. Saying prayers, sending vibes, and hoping everything goes perfectly!!! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow! Best of luck amazing mama xoxo