Monday, June 4, 2012

The Final Countdown

Well, here we are, one week away from the proposed embryo transfer date. I can't believe it! This next week is really pivotal. I have had my final clearance to be ready to receive the embryos, but we are waiting (quite anxiously I might add) to make sure the eggs are ready to be retrieved. This depends on the egg donor's response to the latest round of hormones. If all goes well and her hormone levels check out, the eggs will be retrieved on Friday and fertilized. Then they gestate and if they do what they are supposed to do, Monday they will be transferred to my uterus. Once the eggs are taken from the donor, I will be notified so I can start the last of the hormones I have to take, Progesterone. This one I have to take via intramuscular injection (in the booty) every day in addition to the Delestrogen I currently take every 3rd day. (By the way, I am starting to get tiny little bruises at the injection site each time I get a shot. Oh well, at least no one except the hubby is seeing them :) ) Hoping everything goes according to schedule! Weird and exciting to think that Monday I could be pregnant; I mean, I've never known the exact day I was going to be pregnant before.

I have a big night out planned for Saturday as a last hurrah before I am unable to enjoy my wine :) I want to go out with my friends in celebration of the momentous change that is about to occur in our lives. It is a celebration of hope and friends and love, of relationships that already exist and of those to come. Feel free to join us :)


  1. Praying this week that goes according to plan! wish I lived closer to celebrate this weekend.

  2. Good luck love!!!! Can't wait to hear the next updates :) Oh, and watch out for those PIO shots if you haven't done them yet...yikes!! ;)

  3. Saying a prayer all goes well!! Love you!! Carri