Monday, January 28, 2013

37 Weeks: Goal Met!

Here we are, on the eve of 37 weeks into this pregnancy! This is what I have hoped for from the beginning: full term for twins! I planned on working until they were born, however, my body had other plans. I have been really suffering with edema ( super swelling) from my knees down, most especially in my ankles and feet. Most pregnant women get swelling, and I totally had it with my previous pregnancies, but this is completely different. I've already bought new shoes in a bigger size so I wouldn't have to wear flip flops to work and to church, and they now no longer fit. I am down to my Reefs and my gray Puma's. I love both pairs of shoes, but now I can barely tie the Pumas :) If that were all, I would still be working. But I can't walk without being in pain. That really would be a problem for a hairstylist who has to be on her feet :) My midwife told me today that the only way I am going to get any relief is not just to put my feet up (trust me, I've been doing that!!!) but to get a good lymphatic massage and then stay horizontal for 48-72 hours. I have tried everything else on my own, to no avail. The good news in all of this is that I should probably stop working anyway and rest up for labor and also it means that one of the babies has dropped down into my pelvic area which is what is causing the blockage. So all in all it is a good thing; as soon as I'm not in pain :) When I wake up at night to go the bathroom (many, many times) my circulation is so poor that I can barely walk. Grrrrrrr!!!! I am looking forward to my massage today so hopefully some of this will be resolved.

I also know that the babies are coming soon. Soooo exciting!!! I'm looking at this as my body's way of telling me to slow down (so hard for me to do) and prepare to be a birth warrior! So sorry to my clients this week, but I'll see you as soon as I can.

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