Saturday, January 19, 2013


I am hoping that the babies are listening to the psychic link we have and will hang out inside for another week :) That being said, I am well aware that they could be ready before then. I am not having any "symptoms" of labor, just feeling heavier and clumsier and getting tired more easily. I am supposed to be feeling those things, so it isn't bad, I'm just aware that my body is changing. I am super stoked to have made it this far, feeling this good, with twins :) My intuition is telling me that labor is coming SOON and so I now feel the need to be as prepared as I can be. My hospital bag is packed, the kids' bag is packed to stay at the sitter, my list of phone calls to make is posted, my birth ball is ready. Paperwork is done. Pedicure is done. Every time I shower, I'm shaving my legs. I know my midwife and doctor won't care, but it makes me feel prettier :) I clean the house daily ( not like that is any different than usual) so I will feel comfortable leaving on short notice, since I CANNOT leave my house if it is messy. I am envisioning the labor that I want and all the possible scenarios that could happen. I've stated before that I truly believe a huge part of labor is mental and I want to be ready for it. Until recently the babies were in the breech and transverse positions and I was doing everything I could to let myself trust that they would move into the proper positions when ready. My midwife suggested seeing a chiropractor who works with pregnant women to "open up" the pelvic area to encourage the babies to flip head down. She also suggested doing 40 pelvic tilts twice a day. I did both of those things and what do you know, both babies are now head down :) The three of us are a team, about to take a big journey together, and it is time to get prepared!

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