Friday, January 31, 2014


It is the eve of the twins' first birthday and I find myself doing a lot of reflecting. Reflecting on the fact that the last year disappeared in the blink of an eye, reflecting on the changes my body has been through, reflecting on how much my own children have grown in the past year. I'm thinking of how much love two parents had inside them, waiting for the chance to meet their babies, how much they suffered, worked, prayed, paid, yearned for those two sweet babies. I am lost in thoughts of the journey we all took together.

One year ago I was at a normal checkup, happily waiting for those girls to let me know it was time, when my plans were forced into motion earlier than I wanted. I had made it to my goal date of 37 weeks, but I was feeling so great that I just wanted to keep on being pregnant and let nature take its course. Well, nature spiked my blood pressure so high that we had to help things along a little bit. Fortunately, my birth team was amazing and supportive and I was still able to give birth vaginally without pain meds. I was able to have the twins' mother there beside me when I delivered and place those sweet girls in her arms. I was able to see their father's face when he beheld his daughters for the first time. I was able to see a baby born "In the Caul" with her bag of waters still intact and hear my husband say how amazing it was. I was witness to a room full of medical professionals shocked and in awe at seeing a vaginal, twin, breech birth.

I was honored and privileged to be a vessel for two lives at the same time. I got to feel two sets of movements inside me, feel two babies fighting for space. I got to hold those precious little ones close and snuggle and kiss them and say hello in person after speaking to them through my tummy for so long. Being chosen to help this family still blows me away; I can think of nothing more overwhelming than to find the person you trust enough to carry your children. So here I am a year later still honored, still thrilled to have taken this journey. I watched a family being made! I am so happy for that family and for the years of love and joy they will have together. Happy birthday to the beautiful Ziva and Ziv and to their amazing parents.

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