Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Final Countdown

Finally, the last medical test has been completed. Had to go for one last round of bloodwork Monday and the results came back in our favor. Which means, according to the fertility doctor, that we are cleared for takeoff whenever my cycle is synced up with the egg donor. The earliest would be in one month, but more than likely it will take a couple of months of hormones (oral and injectable) to get us on the same groove. I have to be at the correct point in my cycle for my body to accept the egg from the donor, and that is a very small window of opportunity.
The 38 page contract has been signed and notarized.
I am working out like crazy to get in the best shape possible for this 37 year old body to be prepared for a third pregnancy.
My kids have decided that they want to name the baby "Giggles". I told them it was really up to the parents, but we could call the baby Giggles while it is in my tummy.
I've been taking prenatal vitamins since January so I would have the right amount of folic acid in my system for whenever I get preggers.
I find myself looking at maternity clothes and deciding where I want to take prenatal yoga, which is a must.
I am ready.


  1. So exciting! YAY!!!! I can't wait to see all the updates of your preggo self. And you're 37?! That shocks me!! Looking great, momma!

  2. Giggles? Could that be any cuter?