Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hormones and needles and ice packs, oh my...

Just about to wrap up my two weeks of trial hormone shots, and so far, so good. Having my needle-phobic husband only get nauseous once during this whole time has been a major accomplishment. Let me walk you through the process.
First, hubby has to draw up the correct amount of Delestrogen with one needle, cap it off, then put a MUCH bigger needle on the syringe. While he is doing this, I'm laying on my tummy with an Elmo ice pack on my bum to numb the area up a bit. After about 3 minutes, he counts down, I turn my toes inward, and he injects me. Much to my surprise, the Elmo ice pack really works. I haven't felt any of the shots, despite the size of the giant needle. The only effects have been tiny bruises at the injection site. We switch cheeks each time to give each side a break, but I still look like I have a polka-dotted booty.
The very first time we did this, I'm pretty sure Russell was terrified. After I told him I truly didn't feel a thing, he confessed that he almost passed out. Really glad he didn't do that while poking me with a needle. So we only have one more shot to go before I go in to the doctor to have an ultrasound and bloodwork. We have to check to make sure my uterus has responded properly and thickened up the appropriate amount. The whole point is to make sure that my body does what it would do if my own egg was about to implant itself in the uterine wall. So once again, my uterus is in the spotlight :) I'll keep you posted...

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