Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Several months ago, my friend Jaime wrote a blog about her own personal truths as a mom, and how judgemental other parents can be. (I'm paraphrasing Jaime, that really doesn't do your writing justice).
That blog really touched me, for several reasons. One, because I am very sensitive to moms judging each other when we should be supportive. Second, because I too can get on my high horse and make snap judgements. I tell myself it is because I am passionate about certain causes; while that may be true,  I have also been working REALLY hard to be less judgemental. This journey I am on has taught me so much about aspects of parenthood that were previously unknown to me. I was told when I was pregnant with Stella that every child you have teaches you one big lesson, you just have to be prepared to hear it. Stella taught me to loosen up and let go of some of my control, Roy taught me to laugh at life. I think that these babies are teaching me to embrace all moms and respect their journey; for there, but for the grace of God, go I.
So in the spirit of truth telling and acceptance, here are my truths:

*Both of our children co-slept with us for the first several months of their lives
*We did not circumcise our son and I am a big proponent of boys staying "intact"
*Breastfeeding was amazingly hard and gratifying; I feel like a failure for not doing it longer
*My kids watch too much tv, and I don't care

So there you go, my truths, like 'em or not. The point is, every good parent makes the best decisions they can based on the info they have and what feels right to them. I try to remind myself of that every day so that I can be a more supportive friend, doula and mother.

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